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MELISSA massage is a high-end beauty salon specializing in aromatherapy. The company's founder has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Health, obtained the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) qualification as an aromatherapist in the UK, and has previously served as an assessor for the International Beauty Therapists Association (IHBA). She has been engaged in this industry since 1994.


Facial Care 专业美容

MELISSA massage offers a blend of traditional Chinese meridian massage and aromatherapy, combining top-tier essential oils and skincare products with expert techniques. These treatments provide therapeutic benefits by penetrating the skin and benefiting various bodily functions, promoting well-being in body, mind, and spirit.


MELISSA boasts a team of professional aromatherapists who seamlessly blend theory with practice. With their exceptional skills and a commitment to top-notch service, this team delivers outstanding massages and personalized essential oil formulations in Christchurch. Their goal is to ensure that every customer enjoys a high-quality life, filled with health, happiness, and self-assurance.


Manicure 美甲

MELISSA interprets an elegant life with you!


Beauty arises not only from a youthful body and appearance but also from emotions and inner self. Melissa makes you more beautiful and elegant.


Aromatherapy is relaxation, healing, and resonance

Melissa Massage

The specialized massage techniques of aromatherapy incorporate three methods: lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular massage, and acupressure. These techniques combine to promote a balanced state of well-being, aligning the 'essence, energy, and spirit'

芳香疗法的特殊按摩手法,包含了淋巴引流,神经肌肉按摩法,及穴道指压三种手法,是结合了“精,气,神” 三者合一的延康平衡之道

There are three main components:

Essence - Awakening the body's latent life vitality (Balancing therapy).
Energy - Utilizing the sense of smell for mental relaxation (Aromatherapy).
Spirit - Liberation from burdens (Consciousness therapy)."

精— 激发人体潜在的生命活力(平衡疗法)
气— 运用嗅觉是心灵舒畅(气息疗法)
神— 解脱负担后的———(意识疗法)

Melissa Massage

Aromatherapy is an art as well as a precise therapeutic discipline. It must have three important components working together: organic plant essential oils, specialized massage techniques, and a proper understanding of diagnosis and oil blending.


The destined connection we share allows us to present to you a fragrant feast that evokes a sense of tranquility and far reaching inspiration.

Eyelash Extension 美睫